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About the Artist

Every reality is a fantasy waiting to happen.

Human portraiture in its exaggerated forms (based in old newspapers, nature, and film) inspires my imagery.  I also have a weakness for fantasy, science fiction, and comic books that inspires a futuristic angle, extreme lighting from natural sources such as the sun and reflectors, and creative characters.  Many of the special effects are achieved not through editing, but through purposeful under- and over-exposure of images, drastic color choices, backlight, and some physics.  I represent a juxtaposition of photography from the 1920’s, ’70’s, ’80’s, and today.

I believe that all of us are beautiful and deserve to be captured in an inspiring, affordable way.  Basic portraits are no longer difficult to obtain; our cell phones and Instagram can adjust for bad lighting, extreme movement, etc.  What separates a professional photographer is an ability to create good lighting, mood, movement, and emotion in the original image, not dependent on technology.   I encourage thinking and feeling about real situations in life; this is what creates energy, emotion, and passion in our eyes.  I am also not afraid to include the beautiful outdoors of San Francisco in every portrait!

I grew up watching my father as a photographer with his lovely assistant and muse, my mother.  Hiding behind him and under tables at weddings, holding his reflectors, and hanging out in the darkroom, I learned to believe the world could look like more than the sum of its parts.  Originally from San Diego, I have also lived in New Orleans, Denver, and San Francisco; these cities taught me to capture the human condition as art and nature as environment.  From seeing this extraordinary world, I have developed the philosophy that a standard portrait doesn’t have to be standard at all.

-Levi A. Hudson-Smith

Photos courtesy of Scott Russell and Vern Howard.


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